pdfightback.com – about me

fightbackHi! This is Jim Erickson, owner of this blog. I am a 68 year old Parkinson’s disease patient diagnosed about 10 years ago), and I created this blog last week in order to provide a source of information about Parkinson’s disease and its treatments. I will endeavor to provide information that is both accurate and fresh.

This site is entirely funded by me; I receive no remuneration or payment of any kind to run it. Having been in the IT industry (they used to call it ‘data processing’) for over 30 years I may have some skills that may make me better suited for this than the average Parkinson’s patient. I understand that I don’t posess any super skills, so please bear with me as my typing is not the greatest. Rather I will rely on my readers and their collective wisdom to provide their good judgment, common sense, and most of all good will in any discussions that take place here.

So here goes. Have a look and see what you think.


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